Zigzagoon ( ジグザグマJiguzaguma) is a normal type pokemon. 

Zigzagoon looks like a brown and white raccoon. Its bristly fur alternates in layers of cream and brown, and, due to the jagged outline, the fur has a zigzag pattern. Zigzagoon’s head is brown with spiky ears and a jagged muzzle. Zigzagoon has a black ‘mask’ pattern over its brown eyes and a black nose. Zigzagoon’s feet have three claws, the forefeet colored cream and the hind feet brown, with pink paw pads on the underside. Zigzagoon also has a spiky, bristly brush tail. The upper portion of Zigzagoon's mouth is jagged in outline, and when Zigzagoon's mouth is open, two fangs can be seen on its lower jaw.

Special abilities
Since Zigzagoon have a keen sense of smell, and supported by the fact that they are curious about anything on the ground, they are able to locate and pick up items while traveling.

Zigzagoon’s behavior is marked by its signature curiosity. Rubbing its nose to the ground, Zigzagoon restlessly wanders back and forth in search of something. As Zigzagoon shows an interest in everything it happens to see, it always zigs and zags, even leaving distinguishable zigzag footprints. Zigzagoon also rubs its bristly back hair against trees to leave territorial markings, and may play dead to fool foes in battle. Like real-life animals, when thirsty it will lap up water with its tongue.

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